Welcome to Fuel Fitness! Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Fuel is a Functional Fitness center providing various fitness programs (HIIT, Weightlifting, Athletic Development) to meet your individual goals. We offer large group, small group, semi-private and private training sessions. We keep your fitness goals in mind and support those goals with our experienced and passionate Fuel trainers.

At Fuel, we have two core values: accountability and community. Accountability is foundational in reaching your personal fitness goals because we always do better together. Our group classes, member consultations and follow-ups create positive accountability to keep you on the path to becoming better than yesterday. Accountability begins with trust, and trust is built through authentic community. At Fuel, we prioritize building a supportive culture and community through group classes, social events and community outreaches.

We move with purpose. Proper movement and safety are a primary focus for our members. We like to push hard, but we also believe a healthy lifestyle is achieved within these boundaries.

We offer several options for all fitness journeys, including the IX Weightlifting Program, The Athlete Project and our Fuel Fit Classes.

The lively atmosphere, supportive community, and massive open facility will keep you coming back for more! You will always be greeted with a friendly welcome, and we will never be too busy to answer your questions or help. After all, Fuel is YOUR GYM. Click the link below to sign up for our “Fuel Your Fitness” program and schedule your consultation now! There is no better time to start!