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FUEL Nutrition combines performance and lifestyle to find balance in your nutrition. Our Nutrition Coaches will guide you towards your goals, keep you accountable, answer questions, and be in your corner throughout every step of your journey. The best nutrition strategy is the one that is going to be sustainable for YOU, and fit YOUR lifestyle. Through science-based learning, our coaches will work with you to educate and facilitate all of your nutritional needs.
*We are not able to provide meal plans (telling you what food to eat), or address/treat any medical concerns or diagnosed Eating Disorders.*


Coach Ian Bennett

In 2001, Ian Bennett was on a team that provided a Nutrition Expert to give advice on how he and his teammates should eat.  "The biggest takeaways were the virtue of sports drinks and chocolate milk," he remarks.

He knew there had to be more to nutrition for athletes, so he researched reputable sources for himself, and in doing so, found he truly enjoyed learning how the human body is affected by the nutrients we consume through food.  With this experience, Ian is passionate for coaching members on nutrition, and seeing people decide to be a person who is recognized for a healthy lifestyle.  Ian specializes in helping find a balance where nutrition is a key part of their life, but not an obsession that comes at the expense of their happiness.

Coach Nicola Spencer

Nicola found CrossFit in 2012 and has since been active in the world of functional fitness. A few years ago, she found herself in a slump - both in and out of the gym. It was during this difficult period that she decided to take a big step and reach out for help. Through her own nutrition coaching, she gained the knowledge and confidence to use nutrition to enhance her life. Seeing the empowerment that nutrition gave her, she wanted to help others experience the same. Through habit and mindset changes, she loves helping individuals realize their potential and achieve things they never thought possible. She considers herself to be a “Meal Prep Queen” with a major sweet tooth! Her Pumpkin Protein cookies are her claim to fame.

Coach Paige Allert

Paige has 7 years of dance training and she started CrossFit in 2017. Soon after starting CrossFit she transitioned to focus specifically on Olympic Weightlifting. She specializes in the psychology of nutrition/eating and how it affects our well-being. She is passionate about guiding people to make meaningful changes in their lives so they can break through their self-limiting beliefs, and in turn, feel less "stuck." Struggling with addiction and disordered eating in the past, Paige knew from an early age she wanted to help people with their nutrition. After years of trial and error with her own nutrition, she hired a nutrition coach. The accountability and support gave her what she needed to make lasting change. This proved to Paige how powerful and influential a coach can be, which ultimately got her to where she is today. She enjoys being a guide for others to help them move toward personal success.



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3-month Commitment
6-month Commitment
12-Month Commitment

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