Athletic Therapy

FUEL/Rebound Partnership

FUEL is a proud partner of Rebound Health Center. Our partnership allows for us to have Erin Marsh (Athletic Therapist) to treat and work with athletes to keep them moving pain free.

When an athlete goes down with an injury, the main goal is to get them back to their sport/activity.

Athletic Therapists are experts when it comes to on-site and initial care of athletic injuries. What sets them apart from Physiotherapists is their ability to care for an injury right after the instant it occurs, and continue care right up until returning to the field/ice/court/mat/floor again. Their primary goal is to get athletes back to their sports as efficiently and safely as possible.

At FUEL our primary goal is to make sure you can live your life without physical limitations. We are people that do! Having Erin available in house allows for athletes to be cared for by someone who not only knows how you are training, but will be right there next to you sweating it out in our group classes. Working with Erin will look like a mix of manual therapy, education and practical exercises that she will walk you through right on our gym floor or upstairs.


Erin Marsh

Athletic Therapist

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, University of Lethbridge

Certified Athletic Therapist, Mount Royal University

Erin is our on-site Athletic Therapist here at FUEL. She is a professional at cheering on athletes from the sidelines. From soccer to basketball, hockey to lacrosse, and cheerleading to rugby, Erin has an ever-growing repertoire of sport experience in her back pocket.

Corrective exercise therapy and manual therapy are her specialty when it comes to treatment. Erin has become trained in Soft Tissue Release (STR) and Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) as additional treatment modalities as well.

She is a proud support staff member for any active person, because it gives her energy to see athletes back doing their best.

What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapists (AT’s) have a scope of practice that allows them to treat musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries in a way to best aid the active population. The goal of an AT is to get an active person back to their normal routine, whether that be a sport, a highly physical career, a recreational activity or the gym. They love to help with performance related issues, nagging problem areas on your body, as well as injuries alone.

What sets apart an Athletic Therapist from other health care providers, is their ability to see an injury from the instant it happens, to the successful return to activity, all in person. An AT is someone present on the sidelines during training and competition days to help the show run smoothly, and of course to prepare athletes, care for immediate needs, and follow up with ongoing athletes’ injuries. Athletic Therapists follow the Sports Medicine Model of care, and utilize this continuum to best serve their clients.

  • Prevention
  • Assessment
  • Emergency and Acute Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reconditioning
  • Prevent Re-injury

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- Team FUEL Lifestyle and Performance